LaVonne Alexis ‘Alexis Flora’ Fashion Spread

An acclaimed fashion maven, La’Vonne-Alexis, fashion and lifestyle blogger, creative director of The Cuveitier’s Closet and accessory designer of  Cute Confections returned home to The Bahamas to shoot the fashion series “Alexis Flora” as one of her goals to develop her image and brand.
Working closely with fashion and lifestyle photographer, Scharad L. and a team of creatives from the island, collectively they birthed with an amazing concept that came to life.

With bursts of a mixture of textures as well as bold and colourful prints, the looks for the fashion spread incorporated elements of the diverse and culturally rich Caribbean style. The looks were shot a various locations across the island from the heart of downtown Nassau to the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo, which added to the theme of the shoot, which was fun, quirky and fashionable, which together bought the image brand to life.

Read The CC Lifestyle, for more details on La’Vonne, the brand and the inspiration behind the fashion spread. Also, for more amazing captures, visit ScharadLPhotography.

The Team
Photography: Scharad Lightbourne

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LaVonne Alexis, Oozing Style of the Caribbean

LaVonne Alexis, the Miami based, Bahamian born fashion stylist, jewellery designer of Cute Confectionsboutique owner of vintage pieces The Cuveitier’s Closet and lifestyle blogger has kicked off 2014 in high gear and we’re loving it!
The Caribbean bombshell and fashion maven, who was featured on the blog back in December and shared her two cents on our two part series of Vintage Selection, Shopping and Styling, recently did for a fashion spread, image branding photo shoot and video in the Bahamas with one of the island’s well-known lifestyle photographers, Scharad Lightbourne of ScharadL Photography.

The behind the scenes video which translates the vibrant colours and the diverse style of the Caribbean included lots of colours and prints, with a fun, flirty, edgy and island girl appeal. See BTS video below


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Caribbean Accessories Designer, LaVonne of Cute Confections Shares NYFW Experience

It was through the emergence of Theodore Elyett, Bahamian and Mission Catwalk Season 3 winner that we first saw the bold, fun and edgy pieces of Cute Confections. The pieces which complemented Elyett’s collection on the runway in the finale of Mission Catwalk back in July of this year was absolutely stunning and it was there after we began scouring the internet to find who was the designer of the pieces.

Cute Confections pieces have been long associated with and has been complemented Theodore Elyett’s collections before Mission Catwalk. Most recently Cute Confections collaborated with  Theodore Elyett for his Ello London Pre-Fall 13 Collection. See behind the scenes video.
Cute Confections might have been big on the runway here, but the Caribbean accessories line also made its debut in New York for NYFW Accessories Show, who was presumably the only Caribbean accessories designer at the show. 

The NYFW Accessories Show is an annual event which showcases pieces by talented accessory designers and this year, Front Row Accessory Showcase took place at the Carlton Hotel, which was produced by Untapped PR and hosted by A Love Affair With Fashion.

We caught up with the creative mind behind the pieces, LaVonne Alexis who shared her  NYFW 2013 experience. From her most memorable moment to the most embarrassing she gave it all! 

In four (4) words describe your experience at NYFW as a Caribbean accessories designer. Sensational, Fascinating, Mind-blowing and Unprecedented 

Is this your first time being at NYFW? If yes, what’s different about this year? If no, what convinced you to attend this year, especially to showcase your pieces? Yes, this was my first time showcasing in New York Fashion Week, I’ve showcased my jewelry during Miami Fashion Week before but never have I been asked to showcase in New York till this year. I was actually contacted by the organizer of NYFW accessory showcase, Jaclynn Brennan, who shared that she had come across some of my pieces and expressed that she fell in love with the designs. 

Why did NYFW out of all the other fashion shows? Well we all know that New York is the Mecca of the fashion world and a lot of people who want to get a start in this industry head to New York to do so. Once you are considered for a show in NYC it means you MUST be doing something right. After you conquer the unforgiving city and beast that is New York you can go anywhere else in the world after showcasing in the most fashion forward city in America. 
What was the greatest moment for you at NYFW? The greatest moment for me was definitely Sept 5th, the day of the show. I felt so honored to be there among the other designers showcasing my accessories. I literally felt like I was in a dream the whole time I was there.  Ever since I was 15 it had been a dream of mine to showcase in NYC one day as a designer but never had I thought that it would have came as soon as it did especially being from the Bahamas where you can be easily overlooked, but I feel that my talent and dreaming took me exactly where I always thought it would. 

Anything you would do differently? You know when I got there I was a little embarrassed that I was the only one without jewelry stands. I had to spread my jewelry out on the table for display. I usually carry them with me when I’m showcasing jewelry but it was way too heavy to travel with and seeing that I would only be there for a few days I didn’t want the extra weight. So that bothered be most of the night, but when I saw the way that people responded to my jewelry and how hardly anyone left my table for most of the night, I didn’t worry too much about it after. Oh and more cards, my business cards had ran out really quickly. 

Were you the only Caribbean accessories designer who showcased pieces? Yes, to my knowledge I was the only Caribbean accessory designer there. 
What was the overall response like? Oh wow, can I just say I was amazed at the response I got. When you go into a new environment for people to judge your work, especially in New York it can be a little nerve wrecking. So many people from press to celebrity stylists  came to me and told me how my table had been their favorite of the night. There were a lot of designers carrying fine jewelry or sunglasses and they were amazing don’t get me wrong, but there were a number of people who came by and let me know that my table was the most creative, bold, fun and well rounded table for the evening. No one left the table the whole night in fact, I ended up staying a lot longer than any of the other designers wrapping up the last bit of customers. It was just amazing!

What was your accessories selection for the fashion event? I wanted to be sure to give the people there a dose of everything that I do when I design so that they know my jewelry goes all across the board and I’m not limited to doing just the same old designs. When I selected the pieces that I showcased I made sure it was a plethora to choose from and that I let you know everything can also be custom as well. I gave you gold jewelry, my unconventional accessories with rope and safety pins, pvu gemstone necklaces, coral, leather and the list 

Four travel essentials you had in your purse? Flats, for the walking, Bronzer, Cellphone, Jewelry tools